Our history

In 1907, Stratford Baptist Church (now known as Ontario Street Baptist) decided to expand their ministry to the south end of the city but it wasn't until 1915 that their dream became a reality. A building was constructed and the official opening of the church was held on the second Sunday in September, 1915.

On January 13, 1916, the church officially organized with 64 members. In 1917, Memorial became self-supporting and no longer needed the financial help of the founding church.

Memorial continued to grow, especially in the Sunday School program and a new building was built and was opened in November 1922.

In 1953, Memorial withdrew from the Ontario and Quebec Convention and helped form the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada.

In 1976, the church changed locations again and built the current building on Bruce Street, where the church has striven to build up disciples and serve the surrounding community.

On September 11, 2016 we celebrated a Century of Christ and Community with a worship service, historical displays and a community picnic.  We give praise and thanks to God for His faithful direction for Memorial!